Thursday, March 3, 2011

Butterfly Lace

"Butterfly Lace"

I thought I'd fly back here and post something new I just created. Yes, butterflies are always endearing to me and I couldn't resist painting one the other day. I guess I've got Spring Fever. My grand niece wandered into my little studio after I had finished painting this and said "Did you use stencils on this?" I said "no, I just danced with paper and paint. I love comments on my art process, it really helps me grow and makes me look at my art with new eyes.

Actually, Marge Boyd, a fine artist/friend of mine, has a wonderful way of leaving the small whites of the paper showing through and I have admired her talent for this. It's no small feat, in my eyes. Now, it seems I have been able to do the technique myself and I am grateful. Just had to shut off the monkey mind and let the paint dance of its own accord. It seems to give a magical, airy feel to the piece shown here.

Have a wonderful day! Fly high!