Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Another Owl Expresses My Feelings"

"Owl In Flight"

Just found out that a friend of mine (from writing class at the Center) passed away the day before Thanksgiving. I hadn't even known she was sick. But I am grateful to have gotten to know her as a writer and a kindred spirit. Though she wasn't in the class all that long, her writings were personal and I felt I got to know her on a deep level as a result.

It's interesting how one's creative work can reflect our feelings. I was feeling rather angry at first about her passing and painted a crocodile. The colors were rather dark but the teeth were glowing and formed a smile. Strange, it seemed my friend's spirit was coming through in the teeth. Make sense? She had fought a long cancer battle but was now at rest and in peace. So several emotions seemed to be fighting with each other.
Then soon after, I painted the owl pictured above. Yes, this is my friend who has soared to the Heavens. I have accepted this now. The lines all around her are the energy lines connecting us to each other. Yes, she has left this Earth, but her spirit lives on in my heart.

Once again, when words fail me, creativity becomes my voice!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Who Am I"


Who am I? Seem to be asking myself that alot lately. I know I find myself "loving" to create more and more every day. Allowing myself that joy to fill me from head to toe. And I felt a child-like spirit arise from within as I created "Owl". He/she kind of reminds me of one of those roly-poly toys that you can roll across the floor. No feet required on this little bird. I thought about adding them but Owl said "no, I'm fine as I am". Wise bird, indeed!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Precious Moments I Can Sketch!

Pen and Ink

My sister-in-law has lots of Christmas knick knacks lying around her house, perfect for someone who may need a little inspiration to create. As warm-ups, I sketched (in pen and ink) a toy penguin that glowed in different colors and a white reindeer sitting on a table. I could have been content with these two items, but then my eyes noticed 4 Precious Moments Christmas figurines ready to be put into a nativity scene. As they weren't in their final resting place yet, I felt the urge to sketch them. Once I get into that creative mode, I can't stop, thank goodness. The expression on this particular one resonated with me personally. Taking quiet time, during such a busy holiday, is necessary. The distractions away from one's heart can be detrimental. Energy can deplete quickly, leaving me crabby and off my center. Creative time, though, is a wonderful balancing tool.

I'm thankful for the small sketch pad and pen and ink that I had handy. Sometimes the more elaborate mediums just take away from the moment. Every Moment is Precious! Thank you for the reminder, Precious Moments Girl.....


Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Holiday Energy"

"Holiday Energy"
December 2010

Interesting how the holidays are inspiring my creativity. I painted the Christmas tree first and then added the window and present as an afterthought. Some spatters of paint with a toothbrush added to the festive scene. I feel this is an indoor/outdoor scene merging together. Everyone and everything is welcome to celebrate.