Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My desert soul calls to me

"Desert Dream"
Digital Collage

I've always liked Georgia O'Keefe and her powerful artistic trek into New Mexico to let her creative juices fly. Her flower and skull arrangements always resonated with my artistic longings. Her strength, courage and independent spirit seemed to pave the way for future women artists. And there's something about the desert with its solitude and vast emptiness that calls to my soul. I used to live out in Arizona/New Mexico and feel a part of me still lurks and roams those lands. And as I've always liked surrealism, that artistic movement tinged with mystery and dream images, this latest piece links all of these bits and pieces into a whole. I've certainly done enough flower photographs but feel the need now to incorporate them with other images rather than having them stand alone. I feel more of a story can emerge this way.

"Desert Dream" reflects the relationship between beauty and death, and the never-ending cycle of our existence. This particular piece is a collage composite consisting of photographs I've taken and various computer tools. I wasn't sure whether to add the flower on the top of the skull's head but felt the need for balance with its addition. Right now it's image size is 8" x 10" but I'd like to make a bigger print for more impact. I really feel in a past life I was part of the surrealistic art movement, so feel the need to embrace it now.


Soulsearcher said...

I tried to imagine the skull without the flower and I prefer it to be there, especially because you write about beauty, life and death and that they all intertwine. This image illustrates that well. You're right about the unique beauty of the desert and the West in general. I find it exhilarating.

april said...

Wow, Bev. I think this is a such an interesting piece and I also love the addition of the flower in there. I will have to tell my class to look, as there are some who love Georgia O"Keefe!

Laura said...

The digital art is here and we as the public need to get up todate on things. As you explore this medium, like my own I work in I have to educate the public. It's a great marketing skill to have when showing work in your booth and you start to share what you do people will start to coming in as you describe it. I think it is just so fasinating. good work lady.

Doris said...

A very lovely piece. Well done. No explanations needed!