Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earth Angels

"Earth Angel"
Digital Mixed Media

I sat there in a hard metal chair,
oblivious to the cool Autumn winds
whistling through my bones
as angel music warmed my heart and
sweet violins moved in harmony

Earth angels dressed in white
focused, oh so focused on
sheet music before them
enchanted me with their

Some with blue ribbons
adorning coiled hair
others with sunglasses
shading their eyes,
so different, each of them
yet so connected by
the music and

The leaves danced around
and the birds sang a chorus
sharing in the joy that
cascaded all around.

As the lingering daylight
caressed these cherubs,
Glittering wings sprouted
from behind them and
golden halos circled their
Ah yes, the heavens had
opened up and given us
a taste of its magic

Memories stirred up within me
like the leaves whirling around
and touched my soul as
thoughts of myself as a child

I had once been an earth angel
playing the piano,
touching the heavens above
my soul transported,
floating on clouds

My eyes teared up, perhaps
from the blistering winds but more
likely from childhood thoughts that
came to the surface, threatening
to unleash a floodwater onto
my face

Longing for what was, what
could have been
I choked on wistfulness
drowning in lost dreams.

I drifted back and forth
between the past and the
present, feeling pain,
release, then joy

Yes, for an hour or so I
was was one with these
tiny musicians, feeling the healing
vibrations of melodies drifting
in and out of my being, touching
a connection within me,
so deeply immersed.

Ave Maria resounded through
the air, a homage to the
spirits, past, present and future
and I felt one with the notes,
the music, the world.

Joy reverberated through me
for I was here now rejoicing
in this music, where young souls
were letting out their passion without
restraint, not holding back, dreams
in their hearts, not lost, but strong,
and for that, I was grateful

That these earth angels touched me today
and helped me find a piece of my soul
locked away until this moment
and now my wings are sprouting
and I hear the music within me,
getting louder
and know

It’s not too late to
be an Earth Angel.


Soulsearcher said...

It's sad that we suppress the earth angel within ourselves--sometimes due to pressure from or judgment by others, sometimes because of our own insecurities. But, you are right! It's not too late--it's NEVER too late.

Doris said...

You already have wings...that golden halo will come with releasing those fears! We cannot feel joy if we haven't felt pain.

april said...

Beautiful poetry, Bev. I too can feel this poem. Thank you.