Sunday, March 7, 2010

Magnolia blossoms

"Magnolia Blossoms"
Digital Photo

I'm thinking about Spring. As the rain comes down and the white patches of snow get smaller and smaller, the birds will get louder with their songs. All in good time...... Patience is a word that resonates quite often within me these days. And the following words are recited in order to soothe my emotions, to help me stay in the moment, where happiness and joy reside:

In; out.
Deep; slow.
Calm; ease.
Smile; release.
(Words written by Thich Nhat Hanh -
who is a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk)

Like the flowers that are just beginning to bud now, I am opening myself up to possibilities never before considered. Like putting my photos onto different backings such as canvas or watercolor paper to give a more painterly feel to the image. I might do that with the magnolia blossom. Like walking downtown and talking to shop owners and showing them my artwork. And reading books that teach ways to welcome peace and calm into one's life. All things are being considered in all areas of my life. No stone is being left unturned.


Suz said...

you have captured a perfect composition of flowers...yes on canvas
ying and yang Bev...we all go through are doing wonderful work

Elena said...

Beautiful photograph!
And loving your words and posts lately. It's like watching the butterfly leaving its cocoon and unfurling her wings.

Laura said...

Just beautiful to see.

Doris said...

Lovely photograph championing spring. So great to hear all the resources you're looking into. Very encouraging.