Monday, November 8, 2010

The Power Of Touch

"The Power of Touch"
Digital Photo

Though I'm not a great fan of reptiles, I found this particular image rather captivating. I probably took about 50 photos of this rather large snake before capturing the one depicted above. The long line of children waiting to touch this "tame" creature made it the most popular exhibit at a recent nature event. Its little forked tongue went in and out during each petting, sometimes touching softly the hand caressing it, which didn't seem to phase the kiddies in the least.

Touch is a very powerful element and very sensual too. Even the texture of the cold-bloodeds can bring tingling excitement to those who venture into its realm. I need to push myself beyond my safe limits of the known and embrace the adventurous in life. Like this small child did. Unafraid, uninhibited, developing a kinship with those who share the world with us. Making a difference and leaving an impact, even if it seems relatively insignificant. There is, after all, the ripple affect, which can gain momentum in anything we do.

Let the Wild Snake Woman out!


John said...

Wonderfully captured on camera enhanced only by the truth of life!

Doris said...

Beautiful words, but I still won't be touching any snakes. I've accidentally stepped on a few gartners barefoot in the yard, close enough for me.

Anonymous said...