Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Who Am I"


Who am I? Seem to be asking myself that alot lately. I know I find myself "loving" to create more and more every day. Allowing myself that joy to fill me from head to toe. And I felt a child-like spirit arise from within as I created "Owl". He/she kind of reminds me of one of those roly-poly toys that you can roll across the floor. No feet required on this little bird. I thought about adding them but Owl said "no, I'm fine as I am". Wise bird, indeed!


Elena said...

My dear friend and mentor suggests using the words "I AM". And I think if you rephrase your "Who Am I" to "I Am" that you will begin to find your answer. I suppose "Who Am I" invites the logical brain to respond to a direct query. "I AM" activates the soul wisdom and automatically starts filling in the blanks with the things, activities, people, opportunities to set things in motion. Just my ramblings! Glad you're still creating. Owl is beautiful and symbolic of wisdom, transition, protection, messages.

Doris said...

Love that owl! Sees right into the soul!

John said...

Wonderful painting and wonderful energy to create it!

Suz said...

It is quite mysterious and beautiful
like a lovely woman I know

Robin said...

Thanks for checking out my blog Bev! Now that I can post photos it should start to get more interesting. I LOVE seeing all your work!! You seem to be quite prolific lately!!! That's great! I really enjoy your loose style and all the color that you use!!