Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Cat Heart"

"Cat Heart"
Digital Photo

I was wondering around the outskirts of Peoria a few weeks ago and happened upon a Christmas Tree farm where there are reindeer lounging in a barn area and a neat shop with unique gifts. I noticed this little kitty wandering around outside. Luckily, I had my camera and started taking photo after photo. Soon she began chasing her tail and this "heart" shape emerged. I remember Elena taking photos of "heart" images and immediately thought of her.

Open up all your senses and the world sends you love. Thank you kitty! An early Valentine gift!


John said...

Great photograph and you have to have a loving heart to recognise love in its many guises when you see it.

Elena said...

OMG! Too cool!!! I agree with John. And yes the universe is sending you love. I think it's easier this way then suddenly giving us a squeeze hug that would scare the beeejeezus out of us. Oh and come by my blog today because I'm having a giveaway.

Marjorie said...

Oh, such a cute heart!