Monday, February 7, 2011

I growled while painting Snow Leopard

"Snow Leopard"

This was a test of perseverance. In spite of, or maybe because of the external noise of
people (especially little) all around my environment, I was able to complete this piece in one sitting. Many times as I was creating, the little ones would peek into my room and
comment on what I was doing. I'd lose my focus and then pick up the paintbrush
and get my artistic center back on course.

I feel my affinity for Native American cultures was coming through as I painted "war paint"
under the creature's eyes. Yes, it was a battle of sorts and my warrior woman self won out in the end.

I was growling throughout much of this creation, but by the end that changed to
purring. Yes, I do believe in the art process.


Doris said...

I did picture this as a mask! Quite enchanting to here your feelings while painting this. Mardi Gras.

Elena said...

These all are so great Bev. Loved hearing the process. Growth. Great growth!