Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dreaming of Higher Realms to Fly In

"Two Objects Merge as One"
Digital Art

"Higher Realms of Being"
Digital Art

For the last week or so, I've been experimenting with my photos. I haven't been really content with the images as they are and adding a few digital effects gives me the dreamy quality I'm looking for. The original photo was a purple flower with a white netting over it. Then a few digital effects later, the top image shown here emerged. I stared at the image for awhile and then noticed what I thought was a white bird flying (in the top right area). So I cropped that area down and the second image above was created. During this whole creative process, the words of a former watercolor teacher ran through my head. Just drop the watercolor paint onto the paper, let it flow around and see what develops. In other words, preconceived notions of what we want to create is not always necessary. In this case, I was working with digital effects, but still felt the relevance of her words. As I worked on "Higher Realms of Being", I toned the colors down so it had a more hand-colored look to it. I felt it more effectively conveyed the dreamy look I was looking for. The image looks rather intriguing in black and white as well, but for now I will settle for this. I do love the creative liberties we artists are allowed to use though, so much more freeing this feels.

The flower was tucked away on the grounds of a religious sanctuary I often go to when I'm in the mood for quiet reflection. My eyes, even in meditation, are always aware of what nature is offering to me, so I am careful to check under bushes and brush for these hidden gems. If I hadn't done this scrutinizing of the landscape, the above images would not have come forth. As one of my fellow writers said the other day, "the subjects are there waiting for you to find them." The synchronization of it all, the chance encounters, all in place.

Although I have not been posting here on a regular basis, I continue to create new images almost daily. I am finding myself more and more energized as I maintain for longer periods of time my creative flow. Surrealism and fantasy are my artistic companions and yes, birds are always flying into my vision. I soar with them to higher realms.


Laura said...

Bev, Loving your journey here with the digital works I'm sharin with you the gallery director I've been working with for the past year and some of her work.

It amazes me to no end the directs one can go in.

Keep the great work
it's getting better every day.


april said...

Continue to share your daily artwork with us, Bev. I love to see what you're doing. Beautiful and how deeply you think about them.

Doris said...

These are beautiful images Bev! Keep that river flowing!

Shayla said...

No wonder you're drawn to birds Beverly- you're flying.

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

Hi Bev,
I love "Higher Realms of Being" - very ethereal feeling emanating from the images. The colors are very soothing and complementing each other bringing the composition together.
I'd love to follow your blog, but I dont's see a link to do it. I'm very new to blogger, so maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

Lin said...

Hi, Bev--I keep checking to see what you are up to. Glad to see a new post today!!

Miss ya tons and hope all is well with you and Frank! What's new? Doing any shows that I can come to?