Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Merging Fine Art and Photography

"Hummingbird Garden"
Digital Photo

"Dancing Fern"
Digital Photo

I realize I haven't been here for a while so thought I'd stop by and say Hi. I've been busy getting some of my photos ready for an upcoming exhibit at Vogt Visual Art gallery for the month of March. There will be about 19 other photographers there as well so it's a nice diversified mix of creative people. A reception will be held Friday, March 13th from 6:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served. I will share a link to the gallery shortly.

The above images were both taken at a local greenhouse I often frequent. The "Hummingbird Garden" photo was tweeked up in Photoshop to give it a more painterly/fantasy feel. I felt the background had a stained glass spiritual feel to it so went with that as I created it. That photo will be in the exhibit, along with about 16 other photographs I have done within the last year. My style (whether in art or photography) continues to take the path of surrealism and fantasy art.

The second photo was originally a rather ordinary looking green fern with little tonal variation. I wanted the photo to jump a bit more, to look more alive and energetic, so played around with it in Photoshop as well. I love the image, but didn't get it ready in time for the show. And personally, it's just as well, for I didn't feel comfortable exhibiting it in the gallery show. Yet, I want to embrace my creative style, which continues to change and grow daily. With that in mind, I continue to keep my eyes open for new galleries and venues. The sky is really the limit as to what is out there.

When I went to the exhibit to hang my photos, I was quite pleased to see all the digital photos that were there. In fact, there are about 16 or so photos done on canvas, giving them a nice, painterly feel. I haven't tried that technique myself, but it's just another way to expand our creative horizons. Each gallery exhibit or art show that I am in is unique and I never know what to expect. That's what makes it so much fun.

Hope to see you there.


Doris said...

These are fantastic! I so want to dance with the ferns!

april said...

So glad I got a sneak preview the other day. You can see you have so much fun with this and they are wonderful!

Laura said...

This Friday the 13th is a tought one to hit as I've got a few of my own to tend to and to hear of your's. You metioned it at the meeting. I do wish a great turn out or the reception and have fun with yourself and talk it up.
You have come a long way Babe and so glad to witness it with you.

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

I love "Dancing Fern" - beautiful color combination, a mesmerizing composition.
Thank you, Bev, for your kind comments on my blog. I e-mailed Laura and I'll join your group as soon as you'll restart AW journey. I would love to follow your blog and stay more up-to-date on your posts, but I don't see a link for 'following.'

Karin said...

Congratulations on your exhibition Bev - I hope you have a great gathering! I love the movement in your ferns, and the magical joy of your hummer - they are such wonderful creatures :)