Monday, April 20, 2009


Digital Photograph

That in-between place
not a bulb, not a blossom
I await myself

I'm finding that taking photographs can be a bit boring. Now, I can't believe I said that as I feel a passion for picture-taking. Yet, the image really has to mean something to me on a deeper level, otherwise; it's just another flower. Even though Spring is here and I am feeling rejuvenated with the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, I have some apprehensive about myself. Over the last six months or so, what has been important to my growth does not seem so viable anymore. So I have been going into hiding, reflecting on these changes within. I feel myself in the same stage as the tulip pictured above. Not waiting to bloom quite yet, but also not wanting to resort back to a bulb in the ground. I'd like to stay in this particular place for awhile, incubating, not ready to share myself. I wonder if there are any more ideas within, clamoring to come out.

But soon the tulip will burst forth in brilliant blooms; it has no choice but to share its gifts. I too will soon be in an art fair or two and will be sharing my creativity. The cycles of life need to continue; they are consistent and offer a stabilizing example to us all. I need to recognize that state of continuation in myself. I cannot go back into the ground and hide; for that is to regress. It is time to embrace what is ahead of me and open my petals wide.


Margaret Pangert said...

and your haiku expresses that beautifully! Since you write so well, you can express yourself verbally and through nature. I like your blog.

Doris said...

Phenomenal! And you will bloom as brilliantly as this bud!

Laura said...

Hi Bev,
I find in myself that usually after a big event, opening or show I need to go off and hide too. It's like pulling away from it all and restoring my engeries that are depleted. Your right the cycles that we go though and we do go through them. Part of a process. So much of our engeries get used up to prepare for events that when it's done we/or I can get the very drained feeling happening and I need to be careful to take care of myself then.

Go with the flow lady it always work for me and I found what I feel today is very different then what I'll feel like in a week and wonder how or why did I feel a bit down but it happens and we move forward.