Monday, April 27, 2009

Unleashing the Passion

"Unleashing the Passion"
Watercolor and Some Digital Effects

I used to do a lot of figure drawings, inspired by a life drawing class I took in college. I was praised highly when I did these sketches, with teachers telling me I already had my own personal style. I even got a 1st place in a student show, which should have been enough for me to keep going. Then that all fell by the wayside. I began to feel shame and guilt as past family issues began to come up. So I buried my drawings under my bed and began to focus on nature instead. But now, the figure drawings that my artist friends Doris and Laura have been doing recently have motivated me to rekindle that passion for this kind of subject matter. This morning I took a watercolor I had done of a female figure (which I had completed last year) and tweaked it a bit with some computer painting tools. The female I drew came from a photo and not from a live drawing session, unfortunately. In time I hope to make that happen again. The human figure really is a beautiful form in and of itself. I hope this is just the beginning of more drawings to follow. I'm feeling pushed in this direction, for some reason. Perhaps this will release some buried expression I have been afraid, yes, I'll say afraid, to share.

All parts of me need to come out of hiding. In order for me to heal, I shall look upon them as gifts of me.

Please click on the sidebar to see the work of Doris and Laura. They are two fine artists whose creative friendship I have been honored to have in my life. The support of others is truly a Godsend and I am blessed.


april said...

Is "unleashing the passion" new, Bev? Good for you - sounds like something you want to persue. You should.

butterfly woman said...

Hi April,
Thanks for inquiring about when I did this painting. I forgot to mention it in the blog post so just added that info now.
Took a painting I did last year (which was a light watercolor wash with pencil lines) and this morning really made it more painterly using computer tools.
Hope I keep the mojo going!

Laura said...

cycles as all things living have cycles. We to as artist have them. go with them ride the waves.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Beverly,
Have you read The Painter from Shanghai by Jennifer Cody Epstein? After a difficult childhood, she came truly into herself through painting nudes. At times hard to read, it really reminds one that being creative palliates the soul. I love how open and alive your "Passion" lady is--that's a good thing! Best, Margaret

butterfly woman said...

yes creativity is cyclic and I shall ride the quieter times patiently, and know in due time the more active phase will emerge with new concepts and ideas.

Hi Margaret,
I shall look into The Painter. It sounds like something to read, appropriate to where I'm at in my life these days.
Thanks for your wonderful heartfelt coments. "Open" is how I want to receive all creations that come forth from within me. They all have a "voice".

Carol Anne Strange said...

Hi Bev,

I'm so glad you've found my blog as it's given me the opportunity to see your stunning art. You are wonderfully gifted, and I wish you much success and oodles of magic on your evolving journey.

Do keep in touch!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Carol Anne,
Thank you for your beautiful comments and stopping by. What more could I want than "oodles of magic". Think I saw some tree fairies when I was in the woods yesterday, yahoo. I would like to stay connected with you. Your work is very inspiring!

Doris said...

Bev, What a passionate piece! Beautiful! I was so surprised at your mentioning of my work. Thank you for letting me inspire such beauty!