Friday, February 26, 2010

"Angel Meditation"
Digital Art

The other day in my writing class, one of the ladies said to me, "Let me know when you have found what you are looking for". This was after I had just read still another piece about myself and my journey thus far. Searching, always searching, looking for the meaning of who I really am. Actually, I'm kind of tired of looking for "it". I think "it" has been inside of me all along..... And then another classmate turned to me and said, "I miss your fairy tale stories that you used to write." Hm, do I like to write about my emotional process or would I rather just drift into fantasy land? Whatever the outcome, the process continues and like the angel in quiet repose above, I ponder my purpose here on earth. Ultimately, it's really about love, don't you think, and nothing else matters. I swear I just saw the angel in the above image nod her head. How nice to be affirmed!

Speaking of being affirmed, it will be great to be stepping out of my winter hibernation and sharing some of my newer pieces at a local gallery in Tinley Park, IL for the month of March.
Interacting with others, talking about my creative process, that's very affirming to me......The angel image above, along with several other photos depicting fog, ice, condensation and windows will be featured. March 5th 7-9 p.m.reception, Vogt Visual Art gallery, come on out and say Hi!


Suz said...

Bev, I have found that some people are uncomfortable about feelings...theirs or others...
forget about them..keep writing
go for the real stuff of writing
even a good fairytale has demons
You are very talented
but most of all you are brave
and take risks
Keep writing

Laura said...

wonderful to hear of you exhibit Bev.. good luck.. have fun with it and have fun with dressing artsy.. this is your life... live it fully.

butterfly woman said...

I've always been a feelings kind of person so just have to stay true to my heart. Being creative sure helps me release when speaking the emotions doesn't. Need to write fairy tales again. Can really let the imagination (and demons) out.
Thanks for the kind words. Dressing artsy is always fun. One night where we can match our exterior persona to our interior self. Letting our secret selves out. The gallery is a small cozy place where I feel I can be myself.
And I've got some new stuff to unveil, glad I have show to motivate me!

Elena said...

Whoo hoo!!! Bev, so excited that you're coming out of the winter cocoon (yep, cheesy). It's nobody's business when you find what you're looking for. You're so much richer for recognizing that you want, and are entitled, to more. Keep searching, keep exploring. They are all stepping stones along the path. Don't change your writing styles to suit anyone but you. I saw this quote in AW:
"Look and you will find it- what is unsought will go undetected" Sophocles

Don't join the ranks of those walking through life with blinders on. Huge hugs to you Bev.

Doris said...

Lovely angel! Sad to say I must work on Friday nights when all the art openings happen. I'll be there in spirit!