Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Flower Dance"

"Flower Dance"

I've been gaining momentum regarding my painting process. Sometimes I can paint two things in one day. I am finding I am painting quicker now, not thinking so much. The image above was painted on a small rectangular left-over scrap of paper. I didn't tape it down onto a board so the paper buckled just a tad. Oh well, in my anxiousness to get going, I sometimes leave out "rules" regarding how to paint in watercolor. Rules stifle my free-flowing creative process anyway. And I see one of the flowers going off the edge as I look at it now. Oh well, I've always been one to move things off the edges, these flowers are dancing and don't want to be held prisoner within the page. Like me, who wants to keep pushing the envelope, taking chances.

It was night time when I painted this. The world was quiet, the cool winds were blowing and then a tiny bug walked into one of the flower's centers. The environment was so peaceful I swear I heard his little foots making their way across the watercolor paper. I'd like to think he saw two real flowers on my studio table and just wanted to sniff their perfume and give me his seal of approval. So I'm happy in my own little fantasy world.

And then my brain the next day says "you're running out of things to paint, oh no!!!"
An excuse, who knows? Am I sabotaging my creative process? Probably! I have about 400 photos of flowers, etc I took still on my camera so no sweat! Time to download them. Then I'll probably be overwhelmed by all the choices. Is this my resistance voice coming through?Yet, I'm finding this resistance part not so loud these days. Maybe because my energy is low I do not have that "fight" to resist.Yet, when I'm painting my reserve strength comes through. Ah, the passion beckons me then and any tiredness is washed away, a distant memory. It's magic!

Anyway, back to my painting process. I'm painting the originals brighter now. This will alleviate me having to pump up the color slightly on the computer. In the past, I've had a light hand with watercolors, using too much water with the paints. This can dull the color. Less water now = stronger colors. So, two changes in myself. Painting stronger, brighter colors and painting at a quicker pace. And still another change. I am going to start framing the originals now. I don't think people like prints that are framed, though many have faithfully bought them in the past. I put some originals into a portfolio and lo and behold threw out some of my artistic creations that didn't appeal to me. I have never done that before! Wasn't easy, memories came up associated with that particular time in my life when I created a particular image. Positive/negative emotions came up. Processed them, let them go. All part of the overhaul cleaning process I am undertaking. Both internally and externally. Nothing is sacred anymore be it old drawings, business suits hanging like antiques in my closet, or whatever else I'm clinging to. I'm going the simple way, monk-like, buddhist-like, eating rice, drinking tea, meditating. That's my goal anyway, my soul feels lighter, baby steps to get there.

So that's where I'm at. Can't brood anymore, action is so much more effective really. Still, my imagination rears its head again. I'm wondering if that little bug is making watercolor footprints on his trek out into the world. Ah we're all artists, aren't we, longing to make our mark somewhere.......


Doris said...

How very appropriate to have footprints upon those flowers! It is good to hear you simplify. I wish I had more time to declutter! Keep the flow going, so many fabulous pieces showing up!

Elena said...

Love the visiting bug. So glad you are expressing yourself; it's apparent in the carefree strokes. Love it Bev. And glad you are pursuing the steps towards framing your work.