Monday, April 5, 2010

"Wild Mustang"

"Wild Mustang"
Watercolor and gesso

I guess I'm in an animal spirit/animal totem kind of place lately. Finding the meaning of animals and their connection to my personal life makes everything more connected. And I feel more one with the world. Jamie Sams says that "horse is physical power and unearthly power. In shamanic practices throughout the world, Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven"....and that "true power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to power". Wow, some pretty deep stuff about the horse which I so love and am taking into my inner self. I think I'll share some more images and attach Jamie's words from the Medicine Cards book because it just feels right for me right now.

Now back to the image above and its creation. I like to make my animals more dreamy and less realistic so they're coming from the spirit world, right? Now I sound like I'm justifying myself. Just go with the flow..... Anyway, I scanned mustang in and some areas of the body got cropped off, like most of the tail. So I decided to crop the tail off entirely (hope it didn't hurt, horse buddy) and then eliminated some of the bottom area of the back legs. They didn't seem proportionally right anyway, oh that darn monkey mind chattering in my ear again. Now wait, this is a dream spirit animal (yes, Jamie I hear you in my other ear) so quiet down you darn chimp! Anyway, the front legs have more force and they're kicking up nice and strong so I wanted to emphasize them cuz he's/she's A Power Animal so flail away.

The sky background was originally an experimental piece on how to make skies using watercolor and lots of water. I decided then to add the mustang to it. So yes, I took an old piece collecting dust, and added some more life to it. Wild horses can't keep me down when I'm painting at times and even though I'm feeling some anxiety about life in general, I am taking the anxiety and painting with it. Many times today I wanted to stop and say forget it. but I persevered.

In the last few days I have painted a lion, an orange bird, the wild mustang and just now a great blue heron. All animal spirits who seem to have the power to alleviate some of my turbulent feelings that otherwise could build up and wreck havoc on me.

Thanks, Jamie Sams, for writing some great books on animal medicine. They're a good jumping off point for me in my creative process. Thanks, Judy, for suggesting me get the book "Dancing the Dream" by Jamie Sams. Just ordered it from library. And, Elena, I thought of you today as I painted, remembering the exquisite horse images you created and posted on your blog.

Anyway, I'm off to take a ride on the horse and fly to heaven. Well, maybe just to a higher spiritual plane but I'll be back to continue to share who I truly am becoming. Maybe not quite a shaman yet, but a warrier woman sure sounds good at the very least.


Suz said...

ride woman ride!

Laura said...

Bev, I like the idea of you connecting with the animal spirits and creating you own inspiration from's what I'm doing with the 13 moons series... it takes a life of it's own..

Doris said...

What a lovely dream state and beautiful animal on which to elevate oneself! Let's see more!