Monday, July 12, 2010

Red Fox emerges at Sunday art fair!

"Red Fox"

Just wanted to chat a bit about my day at The Fields Art in the Garden fair yesterday. I decided at the last minute to exhibit and thought "What else am I going to do on a Sunday besides read the paper and loll around? A rather low crowd turnout and lack of publicity seemed to factor in. Thorough marketing of these events really makes a difference. There was an ad in a local paper advertising The Field's 40% off on daylilies but nothing about the art fair. Guess that was up to the art league to promote. I didn't get postcards to pass out as I was a last minute but wondered if it would have made a difference. Art fairs can be an iffy chance one takes, like gambling.
Still, when I got there I was in spot #23, I was the 23rd exhibitor and my birthday is the 23rd so the numerology and universal signs seemed to be falling into place positively. Though I did move to spot #25 due to the more dominant shade opportunities offered. Sometimes, life (weather) throws you these curves.
I painted the fox above while I was sitting at my booth. Jamie Sams from Medicine cards says the fox represents the ability to meld into one's surroundings and be unnoticed. ....Hm! Sitting there painting I tuned out the world and painted my critter. Not so conducive when I "should" be interacting with public. And the tie-dye t-shirt I was wearing did not allow me to meld into my environment, that's for sure. A double-edged sword. Fox symbolism relevant or not, no sales were evoked (while I was in my silent, crabby mood) until I started chatting and being friendlier and more interactive. A fine line though because you don't want to be too pushy! I felt better myself to tell you the truth to socialize, though I was glad I got a finished painting done too.
It's very hard work setting up and taking down a tent. Even with Frank there. The Plainfield Art League people came around and helped us with some of the physical labor. That was very nice. Also, a member offered to give me a break. I really like the members of this art league. They are friendly and seem to work as a team. Even though I don't belong, I'd consider joining if it wasn't so far West. An excuse, maybe?
I met some really interesting people on Sunday and the conversations didn't revolve around art at times. Still, it's all about connecting as human beings in whatever shape or form, in my opinion. Today I'm a bit sore and am laying low and reflecting by writing here. And wondering if I am artist, a healer, a writer or just me. I like me because sometimes labels restrict me too much.
Until we meet again!


Doris said...

Well, I should of exhibited there with you! Oh, no I'm really not ready to fill in more time blocks. I considered joining the Plainfield Art League, but as far as I know they still don't have gallery exhibit space. The classroom and open art studio time sounds great though. Sorry to hear the buying public was not out, seemed that way also at Naperville Show that was well advertised.

Elena said...

I like your post. Reminiscent of floating on the waves; weathering the ebbs and tides. Nice. And you're right, you are all of those things without needing the titles.