Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes I Purr, Sometimes I Growl

"Sometimes I Purr, Sometimes I Growl"

Going through the after art fair blahs. Wonder if I'd paint again without that "art fair" motivation. No fears, I painted two images today, including the one above. I'm feeling a little pissy and though my intentions were to make a nice little purring kitty, a rather "fierce" looking one emerged instead. Or so I think. The eyes I started painting were rather tranquil but then some sudden anger became to flow through me. Keeping that emotion going, I reached for some red and yellow paints and began to scatter and scrub the paint willy nilly all around the body and background.
I didn't think I'd finish the image because then I started feeling depressed and what's the use began to fill my brain. Always painting birds, I muttered. Can't I step out of my comfort box and paint something else. I am bored and on and on my head filled with thoughts. No, this is not a bird, true, but birds were my initial project to paint this morning.
So how did I feel after I painted the kitty above? Kind of empty. I suppose that means I released some emotions. Still, what does the future hold for all my birdies and kitties? I'm pondering again, darn that ego.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Hello Bev! It's been a while since I visited and I'm just popping in to say hello before I go off on my creative journeys again. Hope you are magically well and, going by this post, perhaps pondering on some new work or direction? I hope it all goes well for you. Bright wishes. xx

Doris said...

I'm afraid the kitties enjoy snatching little birds. Maybe that's where the anger and confusion arrives.