Friday, August 27, 2010

Peacock Pose

"Peacock Pose"

A recent painting I did. I rather overworked the colors at times to get the darker tones. Watercolor can be so light and transparent it is often necessary to heap layers of color on top of each other. I could have added the tail and all the "eyes", but sometimes less is more and I just wanted to stay focused on the face and upper body.

The background was created by flicking big and small drops of color onto the paper. The peacock has a strength about her. I was feeling low energy right before I painted this and then somehow got some strength flowing through me during and after I was done painting.

Ah, the wonders of painting. My lifeblood!


april said...

Love your colors and how they blend together so nicely, Bev. And the rush-of-energy feeling when something turns out. Great!

Doris said...

Great little bird. She's watching us! Captivating!