Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She Seemed In a Dreamy Mood

"She Seemed in A Dreamy Mood"
Watercolor, Pencil

I'm dusting off the cobwebs of my blog today. It's been awhile, guess I was taking a timeout without really telling anyone that I was.
Sketched the young lady above in pencil and then decided to add some watercolor to her. She had dark hair and a black outfit on so the color was crying to me.
I liked her pose, she seemed gentle and reserved. Like someone from Medieval times or the Impressionistic Period. There were seven of us sketching her. At first I felt intimidated by all the other artists and the close quarters. I found myself glancing at the other artist sketches and feeling mine wasn't good enough. After realizing that my ego was trying to wreck havoc with my creative time, I opened my artistic heart and it was just myself and the model.
Amazing the lessons I learn about myself. A lifelong education.


Doris said...

Imagine that you hadn't caught your censor in the act, you would have thrown in the towel like so many others! She is dreamy and relaxing to look at.

april said...

She's wonderful, Bev. So contemplative. Very nice. Good you got yourself zoned-in!

Anonymous said...

She does look dream-like, you captured her mood perfectly!