Thursday, January 22, 2009

Memories of Love Never Fade

"Memories of Love Never Fade"
Digital Collage

"Memories of Love Never Fade"
Digital Collage

"Memories of Love Never Fade"
Digital Collage

I'm dreaming, dreaming of Spring with sun shining down on me and boundless fields of flowers bobbing their heads up and down. Another holiday is looming on the horizon, though, Valentine's Day, bringing with it lots of hearts and love and flowers, especially roses. As my own heart seems to opening up more and more in my creative journey, I thought an image such as the one above would honor my own self in the process. And yesterday was my Mom's birthday, so this piece I create in her honor as well. Although she has not been on this earthly plane for 10 years now, I think of her with love every day. I hope my mother can smell the heady perfumes of the rose and hear the bird chirping in song and feel the love transported from the image here to the heavens above. I can keep her memory alive with my own creative process, and am thankful I have this gift to utilize in such a profound way.
Yes, this is a very meaningful piece for me to share here in so many ways. I love birds and flowers, so putting them together into one piece satisfies me in a more complete way. Fantasies and dreams and childlike wonder embrace my artistic vision in recent days, so I infused those qualities into the pieces above. I have decided I, first and foremost, need to like what I am creating, so am not holding back with my feelings and emotions in the process. It's full steam ahead from now on. I played around with the images above, using a rose photo I took, a bird done in watercolor, and a collage I had made with hearts, stamps, and other assorted mediums. The colors all seemed to flow with each other, which I was pleased with. And I felt I tied in the love theme fairly well.
I experimented with tones and filters as well. I remember that incorporating warm and cool colors into a piece make it more interesting. The top and middle images have a brighter, more yellowish background, while the bottom one has a cooler, more bluish backdrop. The top image has been cropped even further on the left and right, cutting off to some extent the hearts to the left of the bird. I haven't decided which image I like better, but at this point I shall display all three of them here. I'd welcome your thoughts and comments on them.
I continue to enjoy collage and its experimental, fun loving approach really appeals to me. I have been reading collage books and watching other collage artists evolve in their work and filling my own creative well with ideas. I still do not know if I have a particular medium I am focusing on these days, so I will just flow with whatever grabs me at any particular moment!Loving the entire creative process from start to finish and staying in the now seems to be stirring up and exciting my inner child, so what more could I want?
So a whole gamut of emotions pour through me today. Joy, excitement, sadness, meloncholy all grapple for my attention. I hope I have given them each equal expression and thank my creative gifts for allowing this to happen. And remember, Mom, my love for you will never fade......


linda said...

first off, many thank you's for leaving such kind and generous words on my blog...they are so very much appreciated...I wanted to come over and thank you personally, so to speak ;)

I wished I could have seen these images much more clearly as the color looks beautifully rendered and the image description lovely, although I couldn't make it all out on my monitor...something to consider as I know you mentioned it in my blog comments, in my post about posting images and fears about people lifting the images...I think if you could make them a little bit bigger for people like me on laptops with a 13"screen,, which in an apple, is common... hoping you don't mind my sharing my thoughts...otherwise your sentiments about your mother are lovely as is your writing....I really want to see this image more clearly after reading your words...

blessings to you....

Uta said...

I agree with Linda, I would like to see the image bigger to appreciate it all. I don't worry about people lifting my images. I trust karma will take care of anything like that.
From what I can see in the small format I like the middle one the best.
Keep up the good work. Maybe you should think about opening up a RedBubble site. Its free and you get to mix with a wonderful community of artists and get loads of feedback.

april said...

They're all lovely. I think maybe I like the first one. I always like things going off the sides, like the heart on the left and also puts more emphasis on the bird. ??? Love your thoughts about your mother too, Bev.

Lin said...

Such lovely thoughts about your mom, Bev. So heartwarming! You are quite a daughter.

Doris said...

What a warm tribute! The photo-collages are striking!