Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Stargazer Lily in Space"

"Stargazer Lily in Space"
Digital Art

I am exploring more and more my fascination with space, fantasy and surrealistic images. The photo above was originally a stargazer lily. It seems to be blowing healing energy or maybe love out into the world. It is no longer bound to earth, but has now entered higher spiritual realms. Yet, the flower sends its newly acquired spiritual knowledge back down to earthly dimensions. I wanted to express with my creativity that life is so much more than what we see with the ordinary eye. Our oneness with everything around us embraces connectivity, not separation. Dreamy possibilities of who we can become are really attainable if we stretch our perceived limits and step out of the box. The stargazer lily brings messages and gifts and my awareness of this opens up all my senses.


Doris said...

Wonderful expressions!

Soulsearcher said...

This is beautiful.

april said...

Wow! Sure does look like things exploding in outer space. Beautiful, good things.