Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dreams to Hold Onto

"Dreams to Hold Onto"
Watercolor and Pen & Ink

She dreams of change
beyond her daydreams
where thoughts are fleeting
and full of folly

Staring out school windows,
as a child,
longing for fantasies
to drape around her
and pull her near,
blinding her senses,
snuffing out reality

light beams peer into her eyes,
teasing, lingering
and then melting away
through fleeting fingers,
only a memory remains

So much more she grasps now,
what she wants, she holds onto
the possibilities
become truth,
the denials drained
into depths no longer needed

Her purple robes
flutter in the winds,
light as a feather, she is
and her fluttering heart
she feels pounding
beneath her

She has dreamed
of this day
and dancing on
feet so detached
from earthly holds
Fulfillment fills her up

And dreams once lost
have returned to
reside within her
no longer will they depart
no longer will tears be shed

For her heart holds them
tightly, dare she
ask this day to never end,
she does dare, and dances
through the night, and the
stars serenade her.


Soulsearcher said...

This is beautiful. Is it autobiographical? I hope that you will overcome all the hurts of the past and always hold on to your dreams, Bev.

butterfly woman said...

I had intended to write about the year in review, reflections on my progress, my path. But then these words came out, seeming to touch a deeper feeling place of me summing up my whole life. I've painted women images before, and an art teacher once said there's always parts of yourself depicted in them. I've always denied acknowledging me in these women. Perhaps because I get quite detached once the painting is finished. But then I see this poem here, and myself mirrored throughout, subtly. I think I hold back,not wanting to share, but then I am revealed. The bird series of paintings I have been doing reveal pieces of myself, but I can disguise and distance myself with these fantasy creatures, like writing fiction, I suppose. The dreams are strengthening, the hurts diminishing, with the help of this blog and those who stop by to read it.

Tao Master said...

Really good poem - heartfelt - and even better comment
Keep Dancing,

april said...

Oh Bev! What a happy feeling you generate from this poem and painting. I'm so happy for you. Yes, it's here to stay! No looking back.

Doris said...

It's joyous to comprehend how far this journey has brought you! Wonderful words and illustration!