Sunday, May 3, 2009

Magic Cat

"Magic Cat"
Digital Photo

I remember hanging a framed image of this cat at the local library. The next day one of the librarians said to me as I was browsing the book section that "she just had to have that photo. It so reminded her of her own cat. I immediately thought that her cat had passed away and she wanted a memento to remember it by. When I offered my sympathies to her, she looked at me quizzically and then laughed. "Oh, no, I still have my cat, it's healthy and very much alive. I just wanted this photo because it looks so much like her. I'll hang it in the kitchen by the window where I can look at it every day."
We both enjoyed a chuckle over this and I felt a sense of relief that she still has a precious furball in her life to hold true to her heart.

These are the kinds of exchanges I am looking for when I share my art. People who are touched for some reason by what I create seem to make the whole process all the more worthwhile, and yes, even magical.


Urban Panther said...

That's the real value of art, isn't it? How it uniquely impacts an individual. I bought a water colour of a baby blue heron. His neck is all scrunched into his body, and he was little tufts of baby feathers sticking out from the top of his head. I said to the artist "I have to have this painting. I know that look." She was curious and asked me what that look was. I said "It's the dear god, I haven't had my morning coffee yet look". Not sure if she was pleased with that, or not, but I bought the painting :)

Doris said...

Wonderful cat! And adding universal language to discussion...the visual playing field, that evokes feelings in individuals through the arts.

Margaret Pangert said...

I love the vulnerability in this cat's face. and the turquoise eyes cast downward a bit. It makes my heart melt, and that is what the cat owner was seeing: someone who needs her, whom she can love and care for.