Thursday, July 30, 2009

Path of Least Resistance

'Path of Least Resistance"
Digital collage

I have broken through many, many walls of resistance and have finally opened up an Etsy On-line Art Shop! If you click on the link to BevsArtCreations, you can see a number of my art babies there. (Yes, I still feel protective of them). Once a creative mother, always one.

I cannot believe how much I dragged my feet getting this shop going. It brought to mind how hard it was for me to start blogging. But like the blogging step, once I took ACTION and put monkey mind to sleep, I became like that little train engine that could, gaining steam, (yes, I can, yes I can). Putting that first image on the shop was the hardest step but now I cannot stop. In the last three days I have posted, I believe, 8 images. So I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment and full of energetic tension as I write this. But in a good way, believe you me. By the way, thanks to all my supportive friends and believing mirrors who cheered me on throughout this. My heart goes out to you all.

I created the above image about a week ago. It has a nice abstract feel to it, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock or Miro (if I've got my artists right). It seems appropriate to post it here today and I will tell you why. The arrows represent direction and focus down my path. Though they seem a bit haphazard, the arrows represent how I twisted and turned and lost direction as I worked to get the shop going. Millions of excuses jumped in my way, each one seeming more important than the last. Quenching my heart's desire always seemed to jump to the bottom of the things to do list. As I stare at the image above I see a black stick figure with pink lines extending from the round head. There also appears to be an upside down heart being held in the left hand (hey, I'm left handed what can I say). I feel the "open" heart represents my being open enough to share my art now with the "world". The figure appears to be flying high in the sky holding onto a black line extending from the hands out to the edges. I suppose the line could represent the path or maybe it could be a grounding cord to earth so "I" do not stay forever in the clouds. But what better way to spend the day? By the way, I welcome your interpretations about what you see in the above image.

So, I am glad l did not give up and let resistance conquer me. It's not always easy to follow a path with heart, but the rewards so outweigh anything else. Follow your dreams!!!!!


Uta said...

Well done Bev. Woohoo!!!!

Elena said...

Congratulations on your step forward. I especially like the butterfly and lizard prints. Beautiful!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Congratulations, Bev, on the launch of your shop! What a feeling to know that you're now able to share your artwork more widely. Here's wishing you all that you wish for, and lots of success. Much love. x

april said...

Oh Bev, I too see the arrows of indecision and bits of interference here and there, but I see the figure as a kind of "fairy godmother" coming through for you with that pink glow in her hand that is going to explode into wonderful things!

Congratulations on etsy! Now I have to look!

Doris said...

Great accomplishment! The piece reminds me of a Miro hanging crossed with a Blue Picasso. Very intriguing!