Friday, July 24, 2009

Putting My Personal Stamp on a Daylily

"Daylily Dazzle"
Digital Photo

This photograph was taken at the Art in the Garden Daylily Art Fair I recently participated in. How could I resist not wandering around and taking some photos of the beautiful daylilies that adorned the landscape? I was also lucky to have a supportive partner who watched my space as I moved around, allowing me the freedom to create and go mindless for a bit.

I used to be so content with the photograph depicted as it is, reveling in nature's splendor. I would print it out and if I liked it enough, frame it. Now, for some reason a photo as it is is not enough for me. I need to play with it, paint it, change it, add my own unique twist to what stands before me. It somehow does not seem as flat or lifeless if I add some twirls and swirls to accentuate the energy I feel pouring from these gifts of nature. The green leaves and stems in the background took on a bluish abstract design and the stamens in the flower's middle grew beyond their normal length with a flick of my digital brush. I honor the more painterly side of me that seems to be seeking my attention these days as long as it brings me some magic as well.

Maybe someday the painting side of me will lose a little of its hold on me and I'll grab the camera again and shoot just for the sake of capturing what I see before me, in all its natural form. Even though I find all this unpredictability of myself rather chaotic, I always look at its positive attributes. I find the cyclic nature of creativity challenging to me and it pushes me out of the box. So, that being said, I can only go with the flow; to resist would be detrimental to my evolution. And besides, a path that is linear actually seems rather boring to me!


Doris said...

How many artists dates do you have? How wonderful to play among the daylilies! And paint the roses red....

Carol Anne Strange said...

To go with the flow and explore creativity in all its magical forms is the best way. I love weaving between being mindful and mindless ~ inspiring! As always, I love the energy in your work! x

april said...

This is "your stamp"! Always interesting and fun and always love to read what you are thinking, Bev.

butterfly woman said...

I cram in as many artists dates as I can. That day was kind of a working artist day but I'm always checking in with my inner child "Are we having fun yet"? Very important to me to play. I almost wanted to walk barefoot through the daylilies!
You write with such a writer's soul, even your comments here are poetry in and of themselves. You are very affirming to me and I so appreciate your support!
Your dreamy blog site always sends me to other realms.
Yes, I am embracing my "stamp" and letting loose more and more. It's wildly exhilarating to feed that inner passion.
Thank you all for stopping by. Your words are treasures to me.