Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Poem Called Choices

I'm in an on-line poetry group where we were given 8 words (in bold italics) in the poem shown below) and were then allowed to let our imagination run wild with our own personal interpretations. Sometimes I need some stimulus (like a few words or the gentle support of others in a safe group setting) as a jumping off point. It felt good to tap into my writer heart today. I think it was feeling a tad lonely.


She believes in gold that
reflects peculiar prisms,
angel armies whose
translucent wings brush
her shoulders daily
and butterflies that
dust her eyes with
pollen, leaving yellow kisses
The hushed dappled
woods brings forth
her inner enchantment
and a padlocked doorway
she will break open
and roads off the
beaten path she will
abandon and a warehouse
of words that lie to her
she spits upon for
into her life only smooth
pebbles will she skip
across the water, the
boulders that have
adorned her shoulders
like albatrosses now
dusty filaments at
her feet and she
blows them away
spreads her wings
and adrift, joins
her army awaiting.

Earlier in the day, I experimented with some rubber stamps and made a collage. I am finding myself more at ease in switching from painting to writing and vise versa. In this way, I am able to intensify and ultimately sustain the energy that swirls within me, aching for expression. The resistant voice grows quieter as a result.


Elena said...

This is beautiful. I've always felt a kinship towards you but even more so now. The angels, doorways, paths, all reflect same thought processes. You are encouraging and I imagine can be so creatively versatile because you are so intune with your creative source. You go girl!

Carol Anne Strange said...

This is so beautiful, Bev. What an inspiration you are, and I love how you are able to dance so magically between words and images. Such a gift! Enjoy your creativity to the full and let it fill your days with joy and wonder. Much love. x

PS Thank you, as always, for your lovely, encouraging comments. They mean the world to me.

Carmen SaldaƱa said...

I just want to thank you for your kind commentaries in my blog. I´m not in a good moment in my professional life and this kind of words keeps me trying to get my dreams. Thank you very much, you have converted a bad day in a good day :-)))))
Of course you can link me in your blog.

Doris said...

Quite lovely images...thoroughly enjoyed the side trip from work!

Anonymous said...

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