Sunday, June 27, 2010

art fair and painted a baby peacock

"Baby Peacock"

Hm, don't know why black line is popping up to the right of the image. I'll let it be for now, just wanted to share. It's been awhile since I've posted here. Need to dust off the cobwebs and write a little bit here.
Painted this bird while I was at an art fair yesterday. The tail I concentrated on using little water and more of a drybrush style. Someone commented that it had a peacock tail so voila it became a baby peacock. I felt meditative while painting this yesterday. I wouldn't have painted at all (it was hot!) but for the encouragement of my husband. He "knows" me, for sure. People looked over my shoulder, little kids stood pointing at my various paintings displayed and cackled with delight as they named each animal or bird. Highlight of my day, or one of them. Fun, that was, for sure! And I got a new painting created too. Win, win situation!
Light crowd. Maybe due to limited advertising, that the Taste of Chicago was going on or that the Cubs and White Sox were playing each other. I was okay with this, it was the first time I had participated in this fair, a new adventure. Though there weren't all that many people, it allowed me to strike up some personal conversations with a number of them and answer their questions about how I paint.More people inquired if I teach. I think the Universe is really trying to tell me something here. It was certainly nice to go inside the gallery off and on to cool down. And see more of the artwork hanging inside. Lots of people inside the gallery, so that's where they were!
I'm sunburned today, yet the sun has some good Vitamin D, so I need to look on the bright side. Feels good to write here again today and get some thoughts down.


Curio said...

Today, I decided to take a virtual tour of blogs I follow and what a treat it was to come upon your fragile creation. Beautiful!

Doris said...

Enjoy that little peacock! It is a sweet gem! Hope the sunburn fades fast! Maybe some sunscreen for the next show!