Sunday, June 6, 2010

King Cobra, not so menacing

"King Cobra"

It's been awhile since I've posted anything here on my blog. Almost a month. Hm, how time flies. Perhaps, like this snake above here, I am merely shedding my skin and getting used to the newly formed one that now adorns me. And needed some time away from here to quietly process this. Yet, I feel I am constantly shedding my skin, almost every day (this is not a one-time occurrence) and am surprised by who emerges when I wake up. I do not attempt to paste the discard skin back on myself but let it shrivel and melt away. Letting go, no second thoughts, no regrets.
And like the Kundalini energy that arises within me, like a snake, my inner creative self is constantly awakening, evolving, going from reality to dream state and back again. Cyclic.
Perhaps this is what living in the now is like, having no expectations of what others think. Having no expectations of what the day holds. Allowing whoever I am at each moment to just unfold. Letting my moods honestly come forth. And letting snakes crawl out on my canvas. This is not a scary thing, I feel, but just letting all the dark and light of my inner emotions come out into the world. Not worrying what others might think, but doing my art because it is just me.
I look at the reptiles I've been creating lately and feel their masculine strength, not their menacing presence. Yes, the birdies I create are usually rather soft and cuddly. Feminine. Yet all the paintings, no matter what their emotional feel, reside on my studio walls, together, not separate. In harmony. Once again, it's about balance, for me anyway.


Doris said...

Quite a beautiful snake. They do have their beauty as do other reptiles. Many repetitive adornments. I still prefer fur and feathers. Shedding skin? You just keep outgrowing it!

Laura said...

Beautiful piece..

Anonymous said...

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