Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nostalgia calls to me

"Bird of Paradise"
Photograph with Sepia Tones

"Hibiscus at Rest"

I'd like to start posting some of my more recent art/photo creations and not rely too much on those done some time ago. I feel a sense of wistfulness about how I used to paint and realize it can contribute to my "blocks". What I mean is that I think my past art (specifically with watercolor) was flowing, colorful and true to me and I long to recapture that, yet I've changed as a creative being since then and need to accept that, albeit reluctantly. Ironically, the photos above that were enhanced using several computer techniques have a nostalgic feel to them as well. So perhaps I am taking my feelings of longing for the past and applying it in a symbolic manner to some of my newer creations. Or maybe I am just a bit worn out from preparing for a recent art fair and long, at least for today, for a slower pace. I get bored with photos that are either black and white or color so thought I'd experiment with tones in between. "Hibiscus at Rest", the second photo shown above, has a hand-colored photo feel to it, which I like, and brings back memories about how photos used to be produced (Black and white and then tinged with pastel tones). I also grappled with a title for this particular image. Initially, I thought "Hibiscus Bud". Then I changed it to "Hibiscus in Decay" as the bloom seemed a bit lifeless, and had brown, curling edges to it. That stirred some darkness within me that I didn't want to deal with. So I looked at its peachy-pink tones, which had an aliveness to them, and called it "Hibiscus at Rest". Now I've always enjoyed titling a piece and making it meaningful by adding human connotations to it, which is why I'm being fussy here. And maybe the writing class is making me more aware of how powerful words can be. Wow, just writing here has stimulated me to want to write a story (or elaborate on what I've written here). Isn't it curious, at least to me, how emotions can better be explored and understood through creative avenues? And the added tool of writing about it here seems to give me an even more well-rounded voice, tapping into my inner depths. I'd be curious to hear what others have to say about how they arrive at titles in their own work.


mutti said...

Marlotus, great photos, especially like the tinted look and the close-ups. Titles? I sometimes like to come close to a phrase I've heard before. Like "Invasion of the body..."

Laura said...

Hi Bev,
Titling a piece, wow I was given the guide to title your work always, the only ones I've not have been the nudes I've done recently. Could be cause its the same model and I dont' want them nameed the same. But as of other work I do it really has to do with the dailiness that is going on. I have a piece now that is going into the library and it's has image of teenage girls a woman a water jug and gasoline pumps. What the heck does that have in commen I ask and then the title comes, Insightful Issues. Well I could ramble on and on about this. We each have our way right or wrong it does't matter. I dont' think anyone questioned titles un less you ask them to give one. other wise you let it be.

Soulsearcher said...

Hi Bev,
I like the picture and your reflection. I'm sorry I didn't make the art show this weekend. I had to work all day on Sunday and that left only Saturday for all of my weekend chores and errands. As for titles, sometimes I have a title in mind that I write to and sometimes I write first and then title the piece, maybe using a phrase from the writing itself. I like a title that gives a hint at what the piece is about but one that also leaves a little bit of mystery that might draw the reader in. I've done a little bit of painting just for fun, but have never titled a piece so it might be different for an artist. By the way, the picture on my blog was not taken by me, but one that I found by googling.

Lin said...

The title you ended with is fantastic! It brings emotion to the photo, while the others didn't. They were just negative in connotation. I love what you used! Great photo too.

The titles I use come from the general meaning of what I am writing usually. Or sometimes I use a line or title from a song that reflects the feeling. I like to make bizarre connections and see if anyone gets it. I think very diffently from most people, so I'm not sure anyone gets the connections I am trying to make.

Keep blogging!

Doris said...

Sometimes my titles seem to be there in waiting, I just hadn't recognized their presence before completing the piece. Occasionally my intent is not obvious so it becomes a title.