Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Computer's Role in My Fantasy Images

"Fountain Fantasy #2
Digital Photograph

The last few days I've been taking images which already have fantasy potential to them and tweaking them a little more on the computer. The computer offers tools and special effects that is conducive to the artist, if you don't let the technical side throw you too much. Interestingly, I had just read comments in an artist magazine regarding the fact that in their contests they do not offer a digital art category. Some of the readers griped about this, others thought digital art is really not an art form in the purest sense. I know in photography for sure there are purest photographers who will not touch computer tools and effects with a ten foot pool. So this is not a new concept for me, anyway. In fact, I admire anyone who discovers a particular medium, masters it, and does not stray from its path. I, myself, embrace anything new that evolves, especially if it helps me to express my creative voice. This has alleviated some of my creative stuckness. Granted, I have not entered any contests and competitions where there are "rules" for photography. So far, the art fairs and galleries where I have shown my work have given me free rein, which has helped me to unleash a more passionate side of me.But perhaps in the future, I'll have to abide by the rules if I explore other exhibit possibilities. So with my opinions expressed about digital art, I'd welcome the thoughts of others regarding digital technology in regards to creativity.

The photo displayed above, "Fountain Fantasy #2", utilizes some digital technology to give it a more surreal, fantasy-like quality. I was out wandering around the other day and took this fountain picture. I've taken numerous photos of this fountain, sometimes dropping flower petals into the water to give the subject an added punch. It's a pretty picture as is with the sun sparking on the water and the stony architecture has an ancient quality to it. This particular day, some clusters of newly planted petunias near the fountain beckoned to me. I took a number of photos of this image, with the petunias clear in some shots and blurred in others. The blurred effects of the petunias appealed to me, as it rendered the scene more magical. I decided to push the creative envelope a bit further with some computer tools and voila, "Fountain Fantasy #2 emerged. I had fun playing with this photo, and as fun and play seems to be my mantra these days, I was quite happy. Perhaps I'll add some elves and fairies later on. But then again, if you look closely, maybe they're there already and will come out of hiding!


Lin said...

The Dalai Lama says that "one should learn the rules so that you can break them properly". I'm with him. When it comes to art, rules are limitations and I think the true self and expression is stifled. Continue breaking rules, Bev!

Soulsearcher said...

I'm ambivalent, I guess, about what constitutes true art. I think resistance to technological art is that it seems artificial in some sense. You can take a bad picture and make it good or put someone's head on someone else's body and in that way it seems, to me, to be kind of contrived. Does that mean it isn't art? I don't know... I guess I am at heart more of a purest, reveling in the objects own objective purity. Nevertheless, I enjoy the images you've posted. My first thought when I saw the fountain was that it reminded me of a wedding cake--a magical fountain cake at that!

Doris said...

I think the image is enchanting, am watching for those fairies or maybe sprites?

Laura said...

Hi Bev,
I like the effect of this piece,seem some what painterly. Keep it up I love to see what your doing.