Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dreamy/Active Evolution of Myself

Original photo of Stargazer Lily

Computer Enhanced Photo of Stargazer Lily

Art fair coming up in several weeks, so want to put in a few new images. Will show some of my creations in action here. Hoped to have painted something to post on this site, but may have to settle for jazzing up some photos instead. Don't get me wrong, don't feel I've lost the painting bug, just think that when I put paintbrush to paper, a whole different part of my creativity will come out. I mourn a little the watercolorist in me who thought that I had found the perfect medium. But I am changing, wanting more brightness, more color, more variety so am exploring other mediums to satisfy that. Why I'm waiting and not taking action yet is beyond me. Perhaps afraid I won't be perfect, or maybe instead I'll enjoy it so much I'll never want to stop painting. I'd like to think it's the latter. So, in the meantime, I have my photography (and my writing) to keep me connected to my creative self.

I took a picture of a stargazer day-lily recently. I was attracted to this flower for its dynamic color and the way the lights and shadows reflected on it. I zoomed in on it so the stamens had a more active part in leading the eye to the center. I've read that diagonal lines can add interest to a picture, so this seemed to fit the bill. I enjoy taking dreamy pictures, but this one seemed a little more alive to me, more energetic. So decided to push this aliveness a little more on the computer. I feel symbolically this flower represents me becoming more alive, awakening to who I am, yet still needing to push my more dreamy self in the process. Which of course relates to my hesitation to plunge into other painting mediums (dreamy self seems safer, less accountable). The need, however, to continue to embrace all mediums still necessary to my evolution. Whether they play a big or not so big part in my life at any given point, I feel each one is a teacher to me, offering me lessons. And if I no longer find a medium useful to me, I will let it go, even if I have misgivings, and make room for new explorations.


Soulsearcher said...

Lilies are my favorite flower and I added a couple to my garden this year. I enjoyed both the original and your artful interpretation of the Stargazer. I am glad that you are exploring with other media in your artwork. You may let go of your current favorite, but remember, you can return to it any time the mood strikes you. Continue to be creative and you will continue to blossom. I hope that you will leave no stone unturned in your journey. Have faith that you are on the right path.

Doris said...

Quite an interesting pair of stargazers. I have fears myself of entering my medium and getting lost again and who will tell me it's time for bed or to go to work. Like avoiding that nap as you might oversleep, certainly it was needed.

Lin said...

I applaud that you are delving into new mediums. That makes you a well-rounded artist and can only enhance your work. I love the photo you enhanced (as well as the original). It is amazing what you can do to change it--I am impressed!