Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Magic and Mystery of Creativity

Peach Daylily Through Glass Door Window

Pink Hibiscus with Dragonfly Floating on Water

Pink Hibiscus Floating On Water

Duck Close-Up

Well, I'm in that roller coaster phase of either settling for the art/photos I have for upcoming shows or searching for new creative opportunities out in the world to stretch my limits. I have decided both are vital to my growth. The creative pieces I've already done give me a sense of sureness and stability, anything new I create tap into the emerging side of me that needs to be heard. The first photo above was of a hibiscus taken through a glass window door a few steps from where I live. It made me realize I do not have to travel thousands of miles to capture nature's beauty. A few days later I went to a nature preserve, a place I go to often. The different seasons always give it a different look and feel. Discovered as I was walking on a dock several pink hibiscus flowers floating in water. Were they artificial, had some previous photographer set up a nature still life, or was it just meant for my eyes only? I opted for the last scenario, welcoming the images before me and was delighted when a little dragonfly perched on a petal. The little creature seemed to add an air of fragility to the already dainty stilllife. From a heartful point of view, loved the pictures. From a technical aspect, photos seem a bit blurred, due to lack of tripod and a family of humans jumping up and down on dock. This family was feeding corncobs to ducks or fish, who knows but I snapped duck coming in to investigate. I was a bit irritated with their disruptive nature, but calmed down as I captured this intimate wildlife portrait. Ah, how therapeutic my camera is! If I decide to fine-tune these photos for future show, I know that enlarging them will cause pixels to appear (Ah, delights of the computer!). So may not use any of them, unless I keep them small. Would appreciate thoughts and comments on them, nevertheless.


Tao Master said...

Very well written. I feel your wonder as you discover the magic of the world in what we humans label as 'ordinary'. Keep moving on your creative journey and keep sending us these little postcards.

Soulsearcher said...

While I was in Washington I observed a man taking a picture of a squirrel sitting under a tree eating an acorn or nut of some sort. I thought of you immediately. It takes a creative outlook and a good eye to see and capture the everyday beauty that surrounds us. I really enjoy reading your introspective pieces. Keep it up!

Doris said...

Ooh! Love that duck! She needs a name. I certainly don't enjoy when people jump up and down the dock, but holding their enthusiasm in check when in the great outdoors is often difficult as you well know. The hibiscus are treasures and the flower through glass is intriguing!

Marjorie said...

I agree with Doris, the orange day lily is intriguing!