Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn Leaves, Making Room for Winter

"Autumn Leaves, Making Room for Winter"
Digital Collage

Soon Winter will arrive, the next Season in the Cycle. Fall disappears into the heavens, leaving us still breathless with memories of its beautiful palette of colors.

Yesterday I felt like playing with my imagination. Decided to travel into the universe with my creativity so this dimensional abstract emerged. I know there's so much one can do with 3D effects on the computer. But right now I will suffice with this attempt. The bottom piece was constructed first and then each successive layer was added. The topmost square is actually a photo I took of a fall woods and then altered it in various ways to add a more mysterious feel. I tilted the squares to give a sense of movement and unusual perspective, which helped energize things a bit. As I stare at it now, perhaps I might have made each subsequent square a bit smaller. But when I attempted to fix it, the computer began fighting with me. So I will let it be, and take that as a sign from the universe, to go with the flow. Sometimes we must settle with what is and let it be, for too much of a change defeats that first creative impulse. Well, that's that. I enjoyed creating the abstract art piece here for this is the kind of art, according to Wikipedia definition, that is unconcerned with the literal depiction of things from the visible world. It gives me freedom, pushes me outside of my boundaries, lets loose what's locked within me. I find the process comparible to writing fiction, where the sky is the limit regarding characters and story lines. This freedom can be overwhelming at times, yet so exhilarating nevertheless. So many choices! I feel rather disoriented but in a pleasant way after finishing this piece. Time to come down to earth and ground myself. A bit of a jolt but necessary. Or is it?


Lin said...

Wow! This is very different from the dreamy Bev I know. Cool, though. Love the colors. I like that you are always experimenting, always changing, stretching the boundaries. You are a good role model!

Tao Master said...

I agree with Lin. I love wheen you experiment and I think that I am beginning to see the true artist in you. We humans use art to evoke an emotion, feeling or an idea. What I see in your image is not what others might and that is the beauty of good art - it can be a symbol of beauty in many different eyes.
Tao baby,

Doris said...

I enjoyed your experimental side and so connectd with arguing with a computer! Lovely prose to express te vision.