Friday, November 21, 2008

Collage Endeavor, Scaling Its Peaks

"Collage Endeavor, Scaling its Peaks"
Collage with Handmade Papers
5"x 7"

Well, lo and behold, I cannot believe I am able to post the creation above. My first real attempt at making a collage with hand-painted papers. I decided to post it here even though it is in beginning stages. I take this cue from Laura, a wonderful collage artist who sometimes shows her step-be-step process in making her artistic gems. Many weeks ago I had painted a batch of papers using a variety of techniques with my art buddy Marge, another gifted artist. All the papers were laying in my studio, waiting for the next step, to be pasted on a backboard. But somewhere, deep inside of me, lurked resistance and other dark companions. "You're having too much fun making these papers", my ego critic said. So I put the papers in boxes and forgot about them. Well, yesterday, my inner child said "It's playtime", very loudly and persistently this time and wouldn't let up. So I went to Marge's house again and I proceeded to tear and paste these papers onto a tiny 5x7 backing (I believe).Even tearing these big papers into tiny pieces was tough. I had considered my whole papers a masterpiece in and of themselves, worthy of framing (We artists have a love affair with everything we produce, or so it seems). And a tiny 5x7 backboard, well, I didn't want to ruin my bigger backboards, (hm, negative thinking here) so I let the experiment run its course. The piece above resembles a landscape, and I left the middle blank for now. I might add one of my birdie pictures there, or maybe I'll paint the white backing or add some threads or something. But I was excited about this accomplishment and needed to share it. I will continue to hike my creative mountains, regardless of rocky terrain and other obstacles. For it strengthens my heart, and encourages more endeavors.

One last thing. I remember how long it took me to get a blog going. With the support and encouragement of wonderful friends, I was able to get past my fears and resistance. Once I got past thoughts and took action, things got easier. I suppose the same could be said about the collage above. Blogs and collages, all stepping stones to a more well-rounded me.


Marjorie said...

Thats funny- ruin my clarge canvases!! Yes, we all feel that way too. And to use our hoarded beautiful papers that we either found or created ourselves! Yikes, we might NEED them for somethig special!! Ha ha. I'm so glad we got together to create! Good luck on finishing this piece. Love the little gold border at the bottom. Isn't it wonderful how they look when you view them from afar, or on your blog?

Laura said...

so proud of you that you are venturing up this wonderful mountains of creativity. Keep moving on and as the year passes you will be amazed at your accomplishment. I know I'm already. Love process and where your headed.


Tao Master said...

I love the start of this creation. Keep going, doing a little everyday and you'll get there - masterpiece land.
Keep working (I mean fun-ing) .

april said...

Bev! It's beautiful! It has an oriental feel to me, especially with the lower ornamental border. And the white looks like snow. It's wonderful!

Soulsearcher said...

This reminds me so much of the Colorado landscape from my hiking trip. The white part (as April mentioned) is like the bands of snow that we occasionally happened upon. Snow does not just remain on the peaks, but intertwines the landscape in the shadier spots where the sun can't melt it. Yes, for me this picture is Colorado revisited. Thanks, Bev!

butterfly woman said...

I appreciate all your comments. I wasn't going to post this collage here, feeling it unfinished. Glad I did though. Sometimes leaving white space is a good thing though. I may paint the canvas white over the white backing to get rid of that canvas feel. We shall see. As Marge says, it's kind of nice to see it here on the screen, to ponder it in more depth. Maybe it's a mountain in Japan, somewhere I want to be.

Doris said...

I thought it looked very complete and pleasing. And yes I was reminded of a Japanese landscape!
We don't want to overwork what is already beautiful!