Thursday, November 6, 2008

I offer my gifts of hope and love

"Autumn Evergreens"

Make like a tree and Leave your creations onto the wind. Let your glorious ideas Fall into the hands of we mortals who need your gifts of hope and love.

Frank Coughlin 2008

Frank, my creative partner (and so much more) on this Earth, sent this little gift of words to me this morning. The message touched me in a deep way and I wanted to share it here on this site. I think the election has given both of us new hope and I think the words above convey this. In addition, I feel each of us has an obligation to be the best we can be, to offer our gifts to the world, to share of ourselves as authentically as we can.

The photograph above was taken recently as I was trekking through the glorious foliage of Fall. I've taken numerous leaf pictures, singly, and as part of their fall environment. But to see green evergreens against a dreamy background of colors seemed a little more unique to me. Seasons change, the political climate changes, and so do we change. The ripple effect of life touches us all and we touch it back. Like tree branches bending in the wind, our flexibility to what life offers us is vital.

Happy New Beginnings for a New World.


Lin said...

Good Christmas card photo!! :)

Soulsearcher said...

Nice words from Frank and nice reflection and photo from you. I'm glad you are feeling a renewed sense of hope. In spite of the gloomy economic forecast, I, too, feel hopeful that all will be well in time.

Doris said...

Great words to lift us up today! We do bend without breaking.

Tao Master said...

Great words and a great picture. Great change always comes from within and I do believe that you are making your destiny happen everyday. JFK said:
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
To me, this means the future is shaped by what we do today. Do we sit back and wait for the country to bail us out or do we do something about it ?
Take your gifts and get them out in the world - these beautiful things can't help but make the world seem brighter. We need everyone's bright light now. Let's make a brighter tomorrow today.
Keep up the good work,

april said...

A WOW photo, Bev! And a beautiful message from Frank.