Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Unicorn has a Question

Image taken from Drawing Book mentioned below
and my enhancement of it with watercolor and computer art

As I'm wanting to have more fun with my art, I thought I'd post this little unicorn here. Fantasy is a wonderful thing, and one can be so free with it. Sometimes I think about becoming an art illustrator for children's books (an art teacher once told me I had a knack for that). Her words filled my mind when I was looking at "Manga for the Beginner" a drawing book by Christopher Hart. The unicorn image in there appealed to my sense of wonder. I drew the unicorn outline and then added my own watercolors to the image. The original white background was changed to dots of color with some computer tools. And as I've been thinking about copyright laws, etc lately, I'm wondering if I could open up the discussion to all of you who stop here and visit. One of my former art teachers recently said "when you create something from someone else's drawing or photograph, only 20% of the original image can be left showing, the rest needs to be changed by you". Now maybe I didn't get that quite right from her, but I would like to pursue this in more detail. Especially if I want to sell some of these particular images. I know a lot of books say you can use their images for personal use only and reproductions are a no-no. Now maybe a reproduction is an exact copy. But what about those artists who reproduce the artwork of the Old Masters? For practice only or do they sell it? So anyway, I'm just paying more attention now. Most of the time my images do not look anything like the original, which is a good thing. Yet, vague traces remain. If nothing else, my little creature above was good practice. I don't want to dwell on this too long and stop my creative flow so I'll end here, hop on the unicorn and let it take me back to my studio.


Soulsearcher said...

I like this little creature. Thanks for sharing it, as well as your other art, with all of us.

Laura said...

If the opportunity knocks again to do illistration, do it!! you have a very pleasing presense in your work that...Yes would work well with Children's books. Give it a try.

Tao Master said...

I have an idea for a children's book:
'The rhino who thought he was a Unicorn" Does this get the creative juices going? Good picture and good post.

Doris said...

I had done an ink wash painting of a section of famous photo of the depression era and was told I could not display it, it was not original. That was many years ago, but had the photo not been an icon certainly no one would have considered it copying.