Monday, December 29, 2008

How a Bird Celebrates New Year's Eve

"A Sparrow's Take on New Year's Eve"
Digitally Enhanced Watercolor

Another little sparrow bird has flown in to say Hi. She is ready to welcome in the New Year and excited about the possibilities of what lies ahead. How to celebrate New Year's Eve, she wonders? She could sit outside on the bird feeder, nibbling bird seed, letting the shells drop to the ground, staring into the quiet night and reflecting on hopes (not resolutions, thanks Diane, like that word change) and dreams. Daisy the Cat might saunter by but bird is safe way up here on second floor. She might even wish the cat Happy New Year (how she loves to taunt that white fur ball). Little bird might let her crow friend, who so loves his tarot decks, tell her what her future holds. With candles burning all around, maybe a mysterious, mystical setting might be worth investigating. Or she could sit tucked inside her abode, watching videos like Sesame Street's Big Bird series (whimsical and light-hearted) or The Birds (scare the peep out of her), and then watch that crazy big ball in New York drift slowly down, down. She imagines the ball made of bird seed and her flying round and round sampling the huge delicacy. Yum, yum. Yes, living it up, chowing down before dieting in 2009. She could join some fellow bird friends and go flying off into the woods and dance with them, shake a few feathers loose and at midnight give them each a little bird peck on their fuzzy faces. Ah, the choices of this last day into night of 2008, yet so many more days ahead beckon her with possibilities and adventure. Life is good, let the magic begin, may all your dreams come true!


Tao Master said...

That is wonderful, I am glad your are not feeling peckish or acting like a bird brain. Fly like the eagle, let you spirit carry you.

april said...

A darling little story. Love your imagination, Bev! Happy new year to you and Frank!

april said...

p.s. Oh yes...and here's one for you to think about - read my post about the moon and venus. Did you by chance see it?

Soulsearcher said...

I hope your 2009 will be full of joy and creative energy, Bev. I always enjoy reading your reflections. The bird imagery is wonderful!

Doris said...

Wishing you many seeds and foliage cover throughout the New Year!