Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharing Gifts is Timeless

"Sharing Gifts Is Timeless"
Digital Photograph
by Beverly Bronson

I hope I never lose my creative spark. For heaven's sake, it has taken much of my life to reconnect with, and embrace, this vital part of me. Peeling away the layers, so many layers to get to that gold. These three men, singing joyfully, are a reminder that age is not a barrier to that which we cherish and have a passion for.

Yes, as I stare at the image above, I am transported back to that day when three angels serenaded me during an Art Fair held during October. Though the weather was certainly chilly, my heart was warmed by their voices. The impact these gents left on me was, and still is, to this day, amazing. Memories like this sustain me on my path.........when I falter and forget who I really am!


Suz said...

They look so intent!
What a joy for you to have been there and now to have the photo
to take you back there.
Your art is so beautiful
you are there Bev, you are there.

Elena said...

Great photo Bev. It's joyful as your words and recent work are.

Doris said...

That is so warming to the heart. I remember feeling so much pride visiting Laura's exhibit at Naperville Woman's Club show while the bluegrass band played directly opposite stage her location. Oh the tears could melt a frozen heart!