Friday, January 1, 2010

Warbler Wishes All A Happy New Year


A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
- Chinese Proverb

I've decided, as one of my 2010 New Year intentions, to do things differently. Even just a small change in routine would spice up my life. I did not go out dancing and drinking champaign in my glitzy, sparkling gown with cleavage showing. I did not even watch the ball make its trek down on Times Square in New York. In fact, quietude drifted all around me as I burned candles and incense while writing down some resolutions for 2010. Then I took the small piece of paper, put it into a little black kettle (cauldron) and, sitting outside, watched the flames turn my thoughts and wishes into ashes. Some of the ashes twirled around, dancing in the night air. The blue moon shone cheerfully overhead, adding even more magic to the moment. After I shivered in the zero temps for a few minutes, breathing in the beauty of nature, I walked inside and went into my studio. And a little warbler birdie emerged in watercolor to help me celebrate the wonder of the New Year. And I got so into my zone painting him that only the firecrackers going on outside my window reminded me that the Midnight Hour had arrived!

As I said earlier, I wanted to do things differently so I took a small pack of Cotman Water Colour Postcards and proceeded to pull a tiny sheet out. Yes, the size is only 4x6 inches, but still a good quality. (140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper). I have never done creations on such small paper before so this is where I would test my abilities. Surprisingly, I found drawing the birdie quite easy to do. I think sometimes the larger paper intimidates me and I end up almost chopping off the head or legs as a result. I just can't get the size right. I like to draw freestyle and not use charts or dimensional tools, as for me it seems to ruin the spontaneity of what I am creating, trying to get it to look real, too real! After I had painted the bird, I scanned it into my scanner. Here I had problems as the image was too small and the scanner wasn't picking it up. So I placed a sheet of blue mat board behind the image and that seemed to work. After I looked at it on the computer, I started playing around with the blue mat background and as I rotated it, white edge borders emerged from the blue as my fingers slipped a bit on the computer keys. But I rather like the off kilter effect and have decided to keep it here for the moment. Another experiment. Another way to add spice to my life.

I hope to continue to make changes, no matter how small, to offset any routines I may fall victim to. I have many more intentions to abide by as the New Year unfolds. And I am glad the warbler above was a witness to my thoughts and dreams, and will chirp a reminder to me when I falter.



Suz said...

another one doing the full moon ceremony
Oh now I wished i had made myself go out
But you know what
I don't have anything to let go of right now...
how about that?
I guess it works
I loved your quote..would love to see it in the background of the beautiful
so happy for your joy

Carol Leigh said...

Bev, I'm liking the warbler a LOT! I envy your talent to be able to paint as you do. May 2010 be your best year ever. -- Carol Leigh

Robin said...

I just love your birds Bev!! They have so much personality!! I found a couple of your notecards in my mom's things recently. I know she really liked them too.

butterfly woman said...

Yes, this bird really flowed, loved dropping the watercolor in.
Hm, Suz, good idea on the words on the image. The quote really does seem to want to get closer to birdie.Snuggle, snuggle. And yes, that blue moon put me in the ritual mood. Felt like being mysterious!
Carol Leigh,
Thanks for your kind words.I've had a great support group of creative ladies who have helped me to push beyond my resistance.It's helped me to loosen up in my watercolor technique. I welcome you too into my blogger abode. Appreciate your visit! Your creativity talent is quite phenomenal by the way.
I remember your Mom buying some little bird prints at the Center a few years back. She was so sweet picking them out. Those are the kinds of memories that make it all worthwhile.
Yes, it seems no matter how many birds I do, each one has its own unique stamp, just like each of us has our own unique gifts, right?
Thanks all of you for stopping by. It makes my heart happy!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Your little bird painting is lovely in it's simplicity. Very ice composition.

Thanks for the nice convo on Etsy, I enjoyed your blog.

Elena said...

Bev, huge New Year hug. I love the description of your moon night - felt like I was there beside you. The warbler is great - your birds lately are so vibrant and free.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Bright wishes to you, Bev. I hope 2010 brings you all that you wish for. I think our New Year's eve thoughts were playing the same tune. Little-by-little, changes come. Embrace the moment. Much love to you and thank you for your inspiring presence. xx

butterfly woman said...

Hi Carol Schiff,
Yes, glad I connect with my Etsy buddies. They're very supportive. Sometimes I love simple. I was going to do a background on this bird, but he wanted to be center stage. That's what he requested, I said so be it.
I felt your spirit across the miles the other night. Your post about the blue moon inspired me to embrace my inner self and really take quiet time. I feel the power of 2010, don't you?
Carol Anne,
Your dreamy writing style continues to inspire me across the miles. I am staying more in the moment and as a result, seem more at peace. More changes awaits in 2010 I'm sure!

Doris said...

A little bird told me... to have a peek here and such pleasing work did I find! Happy you made a distinct cleansing on dark things. A good annual tradition to begin.