Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kiki the Cat

"Kiki the Cat"
Watercolor on fiber paper with
some scribble paints added here and there

I fell in love with a kittie photograph that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. The expression on the face was rather unique which really appealed to me. I asked her if I could paint it so I could get some more practice in painting animals. Once I got her permission, I hunted around for some paper to paint Kiki on. I was in an experimental mood and chose some fiber paper (cream colored with bits of green fiber intermingled throughout). It looked pretty sturdy, much sturdier than rice paper so thought I'd give it a shot! I sketched the cat in lightly and then proceeded to practice with some watercolors. Mistake!!! The paper was quite porous and the water sank through the paper. It became rather hard to work with after that. I wanted to toss Kiki aside and throw it in the reject pile as failed attempt. But a part of me said "keep going" so after letting the watercolors dry, I added some scribble paints here and there. The eyes got some of the glittery scribble paint as did the nose. It's hard to see the effect here, but on the original it is more evident. My husband said the final product looked tacky with the scribble paints and I should have left it in its original form. I welcome free speech.......

I really didn't want to share the painting with my facebook friend, but decided today to e-mail it to her (for the heck of it).

Lessons: 1. Be careful when you use fiber paper as a base for watercolor
2. Sometimes a photo is just too cute and sweet to reproduce and is better
left in its original form
3. Experimentation is the only way you learn sometimes!

I think in a past life this cat lived in China (note the slanty eyes)! Though this cat is not anatomically correct, I had fun bringing it to life on paper.


Laura said...

Bev you have a very strong instinct with animals, and you do capture a personally and charater of them like know I know... doing the practice will only lead to great things with this interest of yours. sounds like plan for you.

Elena said...

No matter what you're going through you always create. I love that about you-you stay true to what's calling you. I like the kitty; looks like he's closing his eyes tight in meditation.

Doris said...

She captured my heart immediately with her expression! It is wonderful as she is!

butterfly woman said...

Hi Laura,
I have always enjoyed painting animals in any shape or form for much of my creative life and enjoy giving them each their own personality. It seems to be coming back full force now (the love of doing these critters). Just got to keep practicing (but incorporating playful fun) into these pieces every day.
yes, creativity keeps me sane in a chaotic world. It is my refuge, my spiritual sanctuary. Sure, I have to face the world again, but somehow I feel a little calmer when that time comes. Yes, I think Kiki is doing a little om time, give me some tips, Kiki!
Thanks for the sweet comment. I always appreciate your insights. Yes, Kiki is fine as is. Purring around, content in her skin. Hm, I am learning something from her!

Suz said...

I love your cat
and I miss you
hope all is well

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