Monday, July 21, 2008

Evolving Self

Just finished above picture this morning. I call it "Evolving Self". I would call it a computer collage at this point. Three different face images I painted either in watercolor or acrylics were first merged together on the computer. And I was going to leave it at that. Then for some reason I felt a call from nature and decided to add a few flower images. I liked the twisted plant I took a photo of in a garden one day. I felt it as a connecting link relevant to the faces, which each are the same person, yet changing in growth. At the top right corner is a soft white plant (a photo) I took one day wandering in a religious convent area where nuns reside. I feel it has spiritual roots so thought I'd put it up by the crown chakra of the face I feel is in some torment to help ease its transformation. There is a lot of activity in this picture, maybe it's too chaotic. The twisty paint strokes (biomorphic in nature) serve to unite each image here. Relevant to me: Well, I feel I am embracing many many parts of me which causes me confusion, yet joy. And nature has always been my calm friend, I spend many days being soothed by it. So we shall see where this art piece goes. It's a collage, in my eyes, yes computer generated, but perhaps a start on my collage path. No, that's too limiting, how about on my path.


Doris said...

It is very busy, but quite interesting and draw attention through and around. A lovely reflection on growth and hopefully peace.

Laura said...

I like that you introducing you self in many different way and when they cross paths it is us fun and playfulness. keep it up Lady.

Soulsearcher said...

The different faces remind me that people are always more than they seem.