Friday, July 18, 2008

To Have Two Blogs or Not to Have

I've been wondering if having two blogs going is hampering or encouraging me. They are both quite similar, yet I'm feeling stimulated by having that "blog" freedom. Ah, well, for now I will keep them both. It's still too early in my blog life to even pose that question. I am so thankful that I've worked through some creative resistance just to get them up and running. Now, if I can just pick up the brush and start painting.........(Well, there's always the computer brush tools!)


Lin said...

Can't even imagine running TWO blogs! It's hard enough to come up with material for one. You have so many facets of inspiration though, I hope you can do it. By the way--I check both for new posts. Good luck!

Doris said...

Ditto. Each are distinctive, but there is life beyond blogs. I imagine anyway.

Soulsearcher said...

I can understand that the 2 blogs, while similar in some ways, might stimulate you in different ways. Like the others, I too, check both. Whatever you decide, just keep writing.