Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Matter

Multitude of alarm clocks
herald the dawn,
buzzing bees,
birds chirping,
building crescendo.

In silent homage,
I stretch my leaves to the heavens,
glistening dewdrops hang,
cleansing me, purifying me.
their tiny mirrors reflecting myself,
a cameo of red, orange, green.

Moving my roots
in cool, damp earth below,
I feel awake, alive,
numbness retreats.

Energy streams through me,
moving up my stem,
stimulating electric currents.
Every part of my being
joins in,
veins vibrating,
petals pulsating,
stamens strong and sure,
Pollen dancing, a pale dusting
of gold glitter.

Visitors come calling,
A spider weaves
a delicate design
of silky tapestry
in and out of my leaves.
I am proud that
I can help him, my
foundation a support.

A bee moves in and out
of my petals, randomly,
a staccato of sight and sound,
taking my pollen offering,
sharing this gift
with neighbors nearby.

An ant parade walks on my being,
a bridge for their travels,
tiny feet tickling,
I giggle in
glorious abandon.

A tiny child chortles in glee,
reaching down to pluck me.
I am placed in liquid
and stare through glass enclosure
at eyes all around.
They touch me, smell me,
talk to me,
seemingly enchanted,
endearing me to them.

For I am not just another flower
lost in a field of beautiful blooms,
I make an impact on
all God’s creatures.

I offer my gifts.
I offer my love.
I matter.

Marlotus O’Keefe


dmSoulsearcher said...

You certainly have a gift for poetry writing. Keep it up! I wonder if this was metaphorical?

Lin said...

This is so visual! My favorite is the ant parade--I imagine it in my mind.

What a talent you are, Bev! Poetry, writing, photography, and painting--I'm envious of your talents. Thank you for sharing them with us! More, more more!

Laura said...

just grande! I follow the flow to the very end.

butterfly woman said...

I feel many, probably most, aspects of me are found in my paintings and writings. For to me that's how my voice is expressed, whether symbolically, metaphorically or abstractly created with paint. For me, being creative has been a safe venue to express my voice, but I've often felt disconnected. Now I'm connecting more with my feelings, perhaps the words now will have more truth, less symbols or maybe not.

Doris said...

You most certainly matter! What a delightful piece. What if we'd not been brought together as blieving mirrors? Certainly I would have been shorted!