Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sparrow Sings to the Universe

"Sparrow sings to the Universe"
Digitally Enhanced Watercolor

Iconography: The design or creation of images, image writing, image content. An artist friend of mine talked about the sparrow as an icon that finds its way deep into your being. I processed her words for a while and then looked at a recent image I had done. I've read that a sparrow symbolizes self-worth, dignity. From a chakra viewpoint, its song energizes and awakens the heart and throat. From God's view, it represents concern for the most insignificant living things. All these meanings seemed to come together in what I was trying to depict on a deeper level. From an artistic level, the sparrow had become a rainbow of colors, transformed from its original brown. Light violet tones emanated from the bird, reflecting its higher spiritual level. The background was red, symbolizing spiritual awakening, joy of life and love and passion. The green to the right I thought of as the earth, reminding her not to stray to far from her roots on the ground below. The sparrow appears perched on a quartz crystal, an object known to heal the heart. I even felt the object to the left was a stringed instrument of sorts, maybe a mandolin from historical past or Picasso's time. The bird's song, the music from past to present, all were linked in a timeless fashion. The background lines that went in all directions were the energetic lines of the universe. All in all, it seemed to come together and I was beginning to enjoy what color, line, texture, and object could convey on a deeper level.
The sparrow, though small, has a voice to share with the universe. And the universe responds back with its own musical energy, embracing the little creature, encouraging her. She does matter and has something to say. Spread your wings and fly high.

Thank you Doris, for helping me set the wheels in motion for this new creative vision. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your recent crow series. Thank you, Frank, for dislodging my writing resistance, which has subsequently helped my art to unfold. Thank you readers for being a witness to my artistic journey. Today I am grateful.


Soulsearcher said...

I am grateful, too, Bev, for all that you share with us. Your bird images are uplifting and inspiring. Thank you!

Doris said...

And thank you for such beauty to grace my morning!

Tao Master said...

Keep singing little sparrow - the world needs your songs.