Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Blues of a Peony

"Winter Blues of a Peony"
Digital Photograph

I've seen enough winter pictures to get the idea that we are in the clutches of the season. With thoughts of Spring and Summer Flowers dancing in my head, I decided to do an image depicting my longings for warmer weather. The background above is a close-up of a swan wing taken one cold winter day at Lake Katherine Preserve. The swan was all tucked in, its feathers providing a nice warm blanket from the frigid temperatures. The peony has been hibernating in the wing, seeking protection and nurturing while Mother Nature frolics with Old Man Winter. The peony peeks out, dreaming of the times when she can bob her head to the sun's glowing rays. Yet, she is connected by strings to the wings for Swan friend knows that peony will suffer death if she ventures outside her haven. Be patient, little flower, those days will come. In the meantime, be grateful for your friend, swan wing. When someone offers of themselves, lending a helping hand, the world is a better place. And in due time, when summer arrives, the swans will be swimming nearby, inhaling your fragrant perfumes and feeling the joy that you offer in your own way.


Tao Master said...

A nice picture for winter, makes me feel good just looking at it.
Keep up the good work,

Doris said...

What a beautiful composition! And narrative!