Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Wonders of Ice, Can Be Quite Nice

"Ice Sculpture, Chicago, 2007"

"Ice Sculpture, Frankfort, IL, 2007"
Digital Photograph

"Ice and Snow Fantasy at the Center"
Digital Photograph

"Icicle Wonderland at the Center"
Digital Photograph

Rumor has it that an ice storm is coming. Though Mother Nature can challenge the driver in these kinds of conditions, she can also share her beauty and creativity as she ices the landscape. There really is wonder all around if we just open our eyes and our heart.

The top image was a photo taken at Millenium Park Ice Festival about a year ago. Sculptors have always intrigued me and to design such a huge ice sculpture, what love that artist must have for ice! The second image above was a photo I took at the Frankfort Ice Festival. It was one of many sculptures scattered around the town, adding such a holiday festive spirit to the place. These candy canes were embedded in ice, and I loved how the ice did amazing things. When the sun adds its reflection, oh so dazzling. I couldn't resist playing around on the computer adding my own little touches to an already surrealistic image. The third and fourth images were photos I took at the Center in Palos Park, Illinois. Ice and snow add more magic to a place that is already a beautiful setting in the woods, like adding frosting to a cupcake. The fragile plants are amazingly able to withstand these elements of winter, almost fossil-like in appearance. And since I've heard that snow is not really white, especially when it is painted by an artist, I thought let's add a little blue and purple to spice things up. Creative license is so much fun, isn't it?

So as we prepare for the ice storm and get our salt supplies ready, remember that Mother Nature is also gifting us with creative surprises that can take our breath away! Man and nature do not need to fight with each other, but rather by working together, what can be birthed is a sight to behold!


Doris said...

They are beautiful pieces. I do prefer Jack Frost's handywork to unsafe roads we're required to travel. Stay safe!

Lin said...

Unlike most Chicago residents, I ran out into the snow the other day with my camera, excited to see what beauty I could capture. I didn't dread it, instead waited anxiously, for the loveliness to blanket us. Yes, I have to drive in it to get to work. Yes, it took me 3 times as long. But yes, I still love it!

I'm glad you do too! Lovely photos as usual, Bev.

Soulsearcher said...

The photos are gorgeous! I enjoy the beauty of snow and ice when I don't have to drive in it.

Marjorie said...

Hi Bev- love the picture of the sedum and snow and the luminaries, and the puffy sparrow photo!!

Laura said...

great image Bev!

april said...

That's the first thing I want to do too, when i see this white beauty - run for my camera!