Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flower Spirit

"Flower Spirit"
Digital Photograph

If one does not dream, what good is existing? I choose to embrace mystery and magic, as these enduring qualities touch a place deep within me, where expression of self languishes. I know the journey into myself is never ending so I shall not seek the destination, but instead relish the process. As my writing develops, I am encountering some pain that has been hiding buried deep. I encourage these more resistant pieces of myself, no matter how sharp the shards feel. The rainbows that follow after the dark storms make it all worthwhile. And as these prisms of nature dazzle the skies up above, I dance with the flower spirits, feeling one with their essence. And then, spent, I languish in the world of dreams once again. Daydreams and nightdreams fill me with possibilities and that satisfies my artist soul, which yearns for meaningful existence. Perhaps I am getting closer to that with each passing day. Yes, that elusive passion may be within my grasp. I just need to accept it as my birthright, hugging it to my soul.


Margaret Pangert said...

This is beautifully written, and the ethereal quality of the flower matches what you've said. I also like your ability to take risks and feel pain in the midst of all the flowers as this is how one grows.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Embrace mystery and magic. This is so beautiful, Bev.

Wishing you endless moments of dancing with the flower spirts. Be the dreamer and the dream. x

Doris said...

Lovely Bev,
Lovely picture, lovely words, lovely dreams to build!

butterfly woman said...

Hi all,
Thank you for your wonderful comments. They touch me, as always. I am in a dreamy space and words that are poetic seem to be my mode of expression. And flowers resonate with me, I may have been a flower in a past life. I have gone into a hibernation (in Spring, how odd!) but feel it as necessary withdrawal. I may emerge on occasion to "dance" in the woods, where creative spirits welcome me. Cocoon to butterfly and back again to womb, feels right.