Saturday, May 16, 2009

Reflecting As The Years Go By

"Reflecting on Time"
Black and White Photograph

For some time now, I've considered myself a colorist. In other words, the brighter and bolder I can make my art and photos, the more satisfied I am. Yet, there's still something to be said about images done in black and white. The detail rendered can be exquisitely captured. I came across this still life I had done probably about 10 years ago. It was one of many images I created in an Introduction to Black and White Photography class. I set the bottle, small gazing ball and a crystal onto the lower edge glass piece of a clock of mine (which I laid out on my bed). The class assignment was to photograph reflections. The colors of the objects pictured above are lapis blue, soft purple, and blue-purple, some of my most favorite colors. Yet, these are lost in monochromatic shades instead. I look at this image and wonder what I was trying to convey. These days I am more thoughtful in what I compose, for I want the image to be meaningful. Hm, time, crystals and crystal balls I suppose spoke to the more magical side of me. Or maybe it just represents the timelessness of objects and the memories they evoke. Or maybe, ultimately, it really was just a way to fulfill a class assignment.
Do I miss black and white photography? As I reflect back, I used to think I would aspire to be the next Ms. Ansel Adams of the world. I'd often go out wandering in nature capturing details found in tree trunks, waterfalls, ice formations or how the shadows bounced off old tractor parts. Then I'd take the film back to class, develop it in the darkroom with all the chemicals and such and see what came out Those tedious processes made me appreciate all the work that the Ansel Adams types had to go through. But these days, I have a digital camera and find it so easy to use. And the colors that evolve can be eye-popping. And now, I aspire to be Beverly.
What am I trying to say here? I don't think it matters what media form one uses to capture creative expression as long as it is done with heart. Each experience in my life has been a stepping stone to who I am at this precise moment and I wouldn't have done it any other way!As time goes by, I am finding my unique voice which does not have to be like anyone else's. Thanks for going down nostalgia lane with me, and I am glad I did not throw
this photo out! Reflection is good for the soul.


Margaret Pangert said...

hi Bev, I feel you don't have to second-guess yourself anymore. I see you as a mature artist who instinctively creates with great exactness what is felt and what is to be expressed. For example, your tribute to the artist who has left us was magnificent. You sensed that the crosses you came across (ha!) would be powerful there, and it worked. The colors are so rich in that piece. You would never hesitate between the colors and black-and-white. This is meant in the most positive way because I admire your work as well as your complete openness.

Doris said...

What a wonderful timepiece. I do hope it's still there in ten years to find all over again!