Thursday, May 28, 2009

Praying for Guidance

"Praying For Guidance"
Digitally Enhanced Photograph

I'm not much of a churchgoer per se these days. If I had to label myself, I'd say I was a taoist (one who sees all of the universe as one and connected). Beyond these words though, I often find spiritual comfort by wandering sacred grounds surrounded by nature. The hands on this statue of the Blessed Mother drew me in for a closer look. The cracks I noticed there reflected its timeless age and beauty throughout the passing years. I find this longing for spirituality eased within myself when I can take a symbol such as in the above image and put my own personal creative stamp on it.I added some color to the statue which seemed to humanize it, which is what I was going for. As I did this, I felt a connective flow open up between myself and whatever stands before me (in this case, Mother Mary).
Yesterday, in preparation for writing class, I wrote about the above statue coming alive, sitting next to me on a bench and giving me advice and guidance (more humanizing characteristics). Then, during class time, several other fellow writers shared stories they had also written about Mary of Magdalene, each with their own unique take but with a similar theme. I was surprised at this synchronism, when two or more events which are causally unrelated occur together in a manner that is experienced as meaningful. I took it as a sign that the Blessed Mary was with us during that class, bestowing us with her loving presence. Sonia Choquette, a spiritually gifted psychic, reveals that we each have thirty-three guides to give us various levels of support, and considers Mother Mary one of the teachers in that group. I am not alone in my journey, but have many spiritual guides to aide and support me step by step. I felt comforted by this and took it all in, reveling in how her words somehow seemed to affirm what I was experiencing. I am grateful for my deeper awareness into life's events as time goes on. And continue to marvel at how my creative tools lead me more and more into my inner spirituality. It all feels good.


Laura said...

Hi lady,
Ive stopped in to take a peek now and then but not posted or commented but this one photo and the impact in had on you so amazing. I do love the way the fading on the bottom took the effect of the mystery in all. and the connection with it that you experienced.

april said...

What a beautiful meaningful experience, Bev. And how those hands drew you near. It was meant to be. ...April

Doris said...

33 guides? I'm intrigued. Hands are so deeply meaningful. Giving and receiving and asking and....